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Bioshock Infinite

New BioShock Infinite Screens Contain Star Wars, Crying

This new batch of screenshots for BioShock infinite has left me with mixed emotions. On one hand, I'm more excited than ever to dive into the world of Colombia. On the other, Elizabeth's waterworks lead me to believe that not every moment in Irrational's upcoming game will be a happy one.

Check out the screens in the media gallery below. After that, be sure to watch the full 15 minute E3 2011 demo that they came from.

BioShock Infinite tears a hole in your reality in 2012. In the meantime, check out our exclusive BioShock Infinite hub for exclusive content.

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  • Deep. Cool. Like.
  • This game looks so good
  • Eh.
  • This is my most anticipated game for 2012. I downloaded the 15 minute gameplay demo and it blew me away. It literally inspired me more to become a game developer. Working at Irrational Games would be a dream come true.
  • One of my most anticipated for 2012
  • Elizabeth is going to be an awesome sidekick
  • Alternate universe-type settings in fiction have always interested me. I expect to enjoy this greatly.
  • I really want this game.

  • ...It looks like Bioshock with a new coat of paint
  • Who said the people of Colombia don't have good taste in films?
  • Crying.  So much crying.

  • Mod
    Oh no.... Quick time events...
  • 2012 GOTY
  • Looks Beautiful! I'm GOING to have to pick this game up now. Maybe not this year, all out of money.... 3rd holiday in a row >.<

  • These screens gave me a woodie.
  • I like this game more and more with each new screen cap and video.  Now I feel an urgent need to help Elizabeth.  Now I just need to know who/ what Songbird is and what's his?/her?/it's? connection with Elizabeth is.

  • I think you meant Columbia, not the South American nation of Colombia. Big difference.

  • I wish i had the ability to time travel to the original releases of Star Wars...
  • Cant wait to check this out in 2012 looks awesome.

  • Mod

    I'm definitely excited for this game and much prefer the original title of the third SW installment. Those posters go for a Lot of money.

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