A phrase you may hear in the latest installment of the Bioshock series. Sounds simple right? Bioshock infinite opens with just this simple task. This game is a clean slate for the Bioshock series. Very few ties remain of the original games as infinite creates a whole new perspective. You play as Booker Dewitt, A gun for hire, on a mission to clear his name. You are quickly whisked away to the floating world in the clouds. Columbia appars to be a perfect utopia on the outer skin. As the game progresess you begin to lear more and more as the questions begin to pile up. As far a story goes I find little to compair. The writing and characters are all very well done. The graphics on the right machine can be beautiful. The complicated backrounds and buys sets are a feast for the eyes. The gameplay is diffirent yet much of the same. Gunplay is like most shooters and the new vigor potions provide a special balance to the game without seeming too overpowered. By the time this game has ended you will be a changed person. The ending is unlike any other i've experienced in a fps. All of the elements combined make one of the best gaming experiences I have has the pleasure to play. And the 1999 hard mode and extenstve DLC will satisfy the hungry Bioshock fan. So what are you waiting for. Dive in to this game and prepare to be amazed