When I first purchased Bioshock Infinite, I didn't know what to expect. Bioshock was always a series that I wanted to dive into, but never had. Seeing Infinite was a different direction from the past Bioshocks, and it has gotten pretty favorable(ok amazing) reviews scores, I decide it was the perfect time to dive into the series. From what seemed to look like an interesting game turned out to be pure gold of gaming. 

 In the game, you play as a man named Booker Dewitt. Booker is a man who's down on his luck, and has earned himself a pretty big debt to pay off. So when the oppurtunity to "find the girl and wipe away the debt" came up, that's where our journey begins. Booker Dewitt is a likeable character. Voiced by the very talented Troy Baker, Booker just a simple guy who has a dark, mysterious past that just wants this debt to go away. The girl he is after is named Elizabeth, and she is voiced by Courtnee Draper. Elizabeth is just a fun warming character. She does have a small problem, well a big one being that she has powers. It's your job to take her way from her imprisonment, and from there the journey only begins. It does take about an hour-hour and a half to find her, but from there you'll be intact to a dark, rich stories that thrill you with each scenes to literatelly the final seconds.

 The graphics on the game are beautiful. The character models and face animations are ok, but do have down sides sometime. The enviroment though is different. You can easily get lost by just admiring the enviroment. With so many different beautiful colors, it's a sure visual treat. Controls wise, the games great and simple. Changed of course from the original Bioshock, the controls are easy to know which of course makes the gameplay pretty easy to play. The music in the game is also top notch. I don't know a time in the game where the music didn't match the mood of game perfectly. It's a very well made music soundtrack that's worth listening to.

 As I mentioned though, the game comes with a incredible strong story. It did take me a good 8-10 hours left which was perfect. I said it was a Dark story, and there are some dark things that do happen so if you don't like dark tales I don't knw if this should be on your list.For me though that's not really a con, but just a warning to all of you. In the gameplay there's also alot of things you can try to unlock. In the game, you can work on trying to collect all of these potions and Vigars that improve your chatacter. The more potion you get, it improves your health, and the more Vigar you get, it improves you're use of vigars in the game. After that, you still have tons of neat and fun achievements/trophies you can work on trying to get. Even after all of that, you still 3 more difficulty modes left considering which mode you did the first time. Plus there's even DLC content out. You'll be visiting Columbia for a long time.

 Overall, Bioshock Inifnite is just a great game. It is not for everyone(the again not everyone is going to like one game), but it's a beautiful gem that has a deep, engrossing story that will lock in and won't stop to the credits. Easily the greatest if not the greatest ending to the game. Prepared for you're mind to be blown. So next time you're in Gamespot or wherever you buy this games, and you see this, remember what I said and buy this game.

+Beautful Graphics

+Great Characters

+Thrilling story

+ Well made soundtrack

Juanolo's score: 10 out of 10