It's a good game, but nowhere near as good as the first one was. There are only 8 "vigors," or plasmids, and they get dull fast. Some of them are pointless, and the ones that are useful, like the stuns, only last a few seconds, so they too are practically pointless. The ones that cause damage do such a little amount that they are also pointless to use. 

You can only have two weapons with you at a time, which is a change I don't fully understand. Because of this you will be using the same weapons over and over again which makes combat repetitive. If that wasn't enough, you will be fighting through waves upon waves of the same enemies. Handy men are like big daddies, but there aren't as many in the game as there were big daddies in the first one. 

Other than that and a few other things, flying around on sky lines is fun and the game looks great.

Overall it's a great game, though it fails to live up to the bioshock name.