Bioshock Infinite is a rare type of game. It is a social statement without taking sides to issue, such as America's dominance in the world. It is heady science fiction without being overwhelming. It is a first-person shooter without balls to the wall action at all times. But above all of this, it is one of the crowning achievements of modern video games.

The story is the greatest aspect of the Bioshock Infinite experience. It takes you to Columbia, a floating city in the sky, where everyone is happy and patriotic. You (Booker Dewitt) are sent to save a mysterious girl named Elizabeth to wipe away a gambling debt. Any details outside of that will reduce your enjoyment of the narrative, which would be a great disappointment to the player.

If you are familiar with the original Bioshock, then you will feel right at home when it comes to gameplay. You are given an assortment of guns and vigors, but the gameplay is made unique by the implementation of Elizabeth's ability to open tears in the fabric of space and time. These tears can supply you with guns, cover, or various other products that will help with your combat encounters. It is a game that is truly a joy to play.

Columbia is as memorable a location as Rapture, maybe even more. When Booker arrives, he is greeted by a immaculate city filled with happy people and little, if any, trouble. However, the longer Booker stays at Columbia, the darker and more sinister the city becomes. Without spoiling anything, the city is a vast departure of what it appears to be when you first arrive. Irrational has made it so that you believe this city has a history and many, many secrets, all of which are waiting to be discovered.

There is literally nothing that should stop you from playing this game. Bioshock Infinite has pushed the industry closer to the artistry that it is. Play the game and love it. That's my only advice.