I love BIOSHOCK INFINITE so much i ran out and got the playstation move controller in an attempt to squeeze even more fun out of this game. As far as a review i'll simply say the hype is justified. Theres no point in my mind going over the details of the game, considering the hundreds of reviews and forums online. I do feel the playstation move controller has been completely ignored so i'd like to give my perspective. 

 Since the days of CoD WaW on the WII i've always had a soft spot in my hart for FPS using the WII style nunchucks or the PS3 move controller. There was something very realistic in using the controller in more of a natural gun holding position. The blood coursing through my veins would actually effect a sniper riffles accuracy. The trade off for the more realistic gun fights was a higher learning curve. I completely understand why people would hate the control scheme, but i enjoy it and seeing as most everything in BIOSHOCK infinite is executed damn near perfectly i figured i'd try it with the ps3 move controller.

My first play through i played with a normal ps3 controller and was blown away. I've always criticized the ps3 for having terrible controls when it comes to FPS, but BI made me feel like i was playing CoD on a xbox controller. So smooth and responsive. Best FPS controls on the ps3 hands down. So when i started my second play through with the ps move controller i was immediately fighting the controls. I was in and out of the control menu system fiddlin around with the sensitivity and options of that nature. I should say that the controls weren't terrible it was just a shock to my system after playing with the user friendly dual analog. 

Once i got used to it [which took about 3-4 hours] the potential of the MOVE controller was evident. Its hard to articulate what it is so i'll simply say the most fun and engrossing shootouts using the MOVE are better than the most fun engrossing shootouts using the dual shock analog. On the flip side there are no bad shootouts with the dual shock but there sure as hell are with the MOVE.



-when you get in the zone the controls add a sense of realism to a gun fight that no other controller can including a mouse and keyboard.

-melee hits and kills are twice as rewarding




-steep learning curve

-must always be mindful of your controllers position in relation to the MOVE camera

-there is no looking down the iron sights or through your scope. When you zoom in for a more accurate shot the developers took out that animation so all the player gets is a magnified hip fire animation. Really sucks with sniper rifles.

-theres no button to hold down so the reticle doesn't keep moving with your shaky hands. In CoDWaW on the WII i could press a button and the screen would lock into place so if my reticle went flying off the screen i would still be locked into a view looking forward. BI doesn't have this so every second you must be mindful of  where you point the reticle. This is frustrating due to the sensitivity of the MOVE. Just a simple task like hitting the pause button throws the reticle way off center until im disoriented and clueless as to where the ground is.  

-After a few hours the muscle fatigue started to effect my accuracy.

-melee hits require to much body / arm control

-the melee execution control layout where you have to move your right hand in a clockwise circle is poorly thought out and to difficult to execute. Borderline broken.



All in all i give BIOSHOCK infinite with the ps3 MOVE controller an 8.    If given the option i would use a mouse and keyboard first, Dual analog second and the MOVE third. The MOVEs controls are competent enough that its worth a play through if you already own the MOVE peripheral. But do not go out and get it if your'e hoping it will enhance your overall experience more than the standard dual analog.