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Bioshock Infinite

New Screens Highlight High-Flying Action, Gunplay

Irrational and 2K Games have released a small batch of new screens for the upcoming BioShock Infinite. They may not provide much in the way of major revelations, but they're another solid glimpse of the game's action and atmosphere.

The screens include a look at Elizabeth, the exceptional young woman that protagonist Booker DeWitt is sworn to protect. In addition to her paranormal abilities, it appears that she's quite handy with a book. There's also a nice shot of one of Columbia's interiors, a long statue-flanked hallway with a reflecting pool. The more action-inclined out there will probably appreciate the shots of Booker attacking from a zip line and blasting into one of the floating city's demented residents. See, there's a little something for everyone here.

Look for BioShock Infinite on March 26.

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  • Nice screen shots

  • I swear, this game cannot come out soon enough. I can't wait!

  • I really want this to be good.

  • Please do not delay this game again. I'm starting to feel like I need it. That rarely happens.

  • Love the new screenshots. I'm very excited and hopeful for this game!

  • Please, please, PRETTY please do not let this game be delayed again, I don't think I can take it anymore!  Oh, and nice screenshots. :)

  • No idea why they choose to redesign Elizabeth into that thing. She reminds me of that Umbridge woman from the fifth Harry Potter. I guess the last one looked too young to be twenty, but it seems like they missed their target by a decade or two.
  • Meh...

  • I definately do NOT like the way Elizabeth looks now, i like the original design, but all in all i cant wait to play it!

  • Yeah, I kind of liked the old design better but I must admit, there was a tad too much cleavage for a character that wasn't going to be a romantic interest for Booker.

  • It's amazing to see just what this generation of consoles is capable of pulling off graphics-wise in these hopefully last years of their run. Everything looks amazing.

  • I love Elizabeth's redesign. I thought the original was too cartoon-looking, this one looks a bit more natural. Plus the cosplayer new Liz is based off of is just ridiculously beautiful.
  • Mod

    The Principles of Quantum Physics? Looks like someone's about to be schooled in that! LOL. Great pix, but I'd expect nothing less. Interior is great, and that little Skyrim helmeted dude is awesome. My most wanted game right now.

  • My only worry for this game is that it feels like a constant run-and-gun shooter. Most of the trailer/gameplay footage I've seen makes the combat look crazy and almost out of control, hordes of enemies that just keep coming, all kinds of bombs, guns, etc going off all seemed very difficult to focus on what was happening right in front of you. We'll see how it turns out.
  • this looks amazing so far!!! :D

    I just hope it will be rather long and not as short as Bioshock 2's story was...

    though I get it that the story for 2 was shortened because of the great work on the surprisingly fun multiplayer :)

  • That is one big romantic bath with candles surrounding it...someone's homeymoon perhaps...about to be RUINED WITH GUNFIRE!
  • Already have my Ultimate Songbird Edition preordered, simply cannot wait for this game! But sadly I do agree with everyone else, Elizabeth does look a little too old, she's supposed to be in mid to low 20's I presume but she looks like she's on the border of 30's, just what I see though.

  • i swear if the next post about this isn't about it coming out, im going to flip some ***

  • "Look for Bioshock Infinite on March 26". Until it gets delayed again.
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