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Bioshock Infinite

Take A Look At The First Few Minutes Of BioShock Infinite

Perhaps to make up for the fact that BioShock Infinite just got delayed, developer Irrational has sent along this trailer featuring the game's opening moments to assure the public that everything's on track. Warning: Spoliers ahead.

How exactly does one get up to the floating city of Columbia? Find out.

BioShock Infinite comes out on March 26 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

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  • I refuse to look at the thumbnail of the video, let alone watch it.

  • why?

  • like yoda, shall I speak

  • Looks insanely scripted.
  • Reminds me of the beginning of the 1st BioShock - only without the impact that it had.

  • Very reminiscent of the first Bioshock's opening sequence.

  • I'm NOT going to watch it. I want to experience it for myself when I play the game the day it comes out.

  • I want to watch more!!!

  • Oh my gosh, when he walked up the stairs to the lighthouse entrance and it was JUST like the stairs to Rapture's doors? :D They're doing it RIGHT.

  • I googled everywhere for theat book "Barriers to trans-dimensional trave" but it doesnt exist!!! Nor does R. Lutece exist, i tried wikipedia and google!! Does anyone know about this??

  • Is now going to find someone to carbon freeze me 'til march so I don't have to endure the waiting any more.

  • row, row, row your boat ......there was a lot of rowing in the video

  • Damn.

  • Really looking forward to the "1999 Mode" too.

  • this got me exited

  • Super pumped! Been playing Bioshock 2 lately, so I'm eagerly awaiting this.

  • I like how the entire scene is an allusion to Bioshock. With lines like "It does seem like a dreadful place to be stranded!", Levine and company are doing it right

  • Definitely had the same feel as Bioshock, with obvious nods to the opening sequence. Yay!

  • I'm not going to watch this, but I'm sure it is awesome as hell

  • That was different. Not sure what to expect with this one.

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