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Bioshock Infinite

Stare Into The Dead Eyes Of BioShock Infinite's Motorized Patriot

With BioShock Infinite, the team at Irrational Games wanted to deliver more enemy variety than they did with BioShock. In a new series of videos, creative director Ken Levine and the gang debut the new heavy hitters, minibosses of sorts designed to keep players on their toes. First up is the Motorized Patriot, an automaton with a familiar face and a deadly will.

The Motorized Patriot is a nightmarish version of George Washington with a Gatling gun. The Founders' automaton, described by Irrational as "a clockwork Terminator" certainly lives up to that description. Unlike other enemies in the game, this machine doesn't have any sense of fear or self-preservation. It will relentlessly attack until it is blown into a pile of smoldering junk. Take a look at it in action below.

Look for BioShock Infinite on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 16. For more information on the game, visit our hub page.

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  • Ok. This looks awesome, but why is it we have less intel on the handymen, which we've known about for over a year now, than this?

  • Duff Garden's Hall of Presidents?
  • Dumb.
  • Man, this game is going to be awesome.

  • i  wanna play allready the game

  • wheres Abraham Lincoln would be cooler, he's taller and a beard,, thats scary ..... tall hairy people...

  • cool now all we need is rocket Lincoln, that shoot rpgs out his hat

  • My mind was just blown away.

  • "Clockwork Terminator"

    I like. This guy will be brining a healthy dose of fear to Infinite me thinks.

  • Keep shooting it!  The end was funny.  The thing was obviously done for but he kept unloading into it.


  • Irational, youve done it again, another inovative enemy, awesome!

  • Why is it BIOshock Infinite, shouldn't it be Infinteshock, in that it is a -SHOCK game like System Shock 2 and Bioshock.

  • o_o   Creepy.

  • Robo-Washington: I can not tell a lie... I'm going to kill you.

  • Awesomely creepy. Cant wait.

  • FINALLY! For years, I've looked on as Japan has taken historical figures of theirs and turned them into crazy, superheroic characters in titles like Dynasty Warriors and wondered, "Why don't western developers do something interesting like that with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln here?". This year sees the release of that "Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" movie, and now we have this clockwork Terminator version of George Washington? THANK YOU!

  • I hope there's enemies that players will be able to feel for. I mean, the Big Daddies in the first BioShock were scary as hell, but when I found out how they're created, I felt really bad for them. It's easy to fight an enemy, but learning about the tragedy behind them kind of makes it harder for me to fight them and not feel a bit guilty.

  • lol terminator

  • The british are coming! the british are coming! and their ******* ROBOTS!