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  • Blog Post: BioShock Infinite Writer Talks About Writing BioShock Infinite

    Drew Holmes is part of the new Irrational Games writing team, and he chatted with the PlayStation Blog about penning Infinite's story. The original BioShock writing team was made up of only Ken Levine, but for this new entry Levine brought on two additional writers because the scope of the story... More
  • Blog Post: New Video Shows Emotional BioShock Infinite Voiceover Sessions

    Like its predecessor, BioShock Infinite aims to generate a complex emotional response in the player. To that end, series creator Ken Levine has been working closely with the game's voice actors to get the right performances. A new video shows off some of this (sometimes arduous) process. Entitled... More
  • Blog Post: Windows Into Other Worlds Of BioShock Infinite

    Of all the eye-opening things in BioShock Infinite's full E3 trailer , perhaps one of the most startling is Elizabeth's mysterious power to open up tears in the fabric of BioShock Infinite's universe. Irrational Games' Ken Levine describes the back story regarding these tears in this... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Full BioShock Infinite Trailer

    Irrational Games' BioShock Infinite was one of the most talked about titles at E3 in large part to the demo the developer showed – which you can now see in its entirety. G4TV has posted the full demo, complete with a little setup by Irrational Games' own Ken Levine. It starts with Booker... More
  • Blog Post: BioShock Infinite's Tears Explained

    Irrational's Ken Levine narrates this video about the windows that Elizabeth can rip open into other potential worlds in the upcoming action/adventure. Levine compares Elizabeth's innate ability to tap into alternate dimensions to the work of genetic scientist Tenenbaum from the first BioShock... More
  • Blog Post: The Factions Of BioShock Infinite

    In this latest developer diary from Irrational Games, creative director Ken Levine explains Columbia's various factions and how they brought down America's shining beacon. Levine profiles the Vox Populi and how Daisy Fitzroy's group is trying to take down Columbia's founding fathers.... More
  • Blog Post: Ken Levine Explains BioShock Infinite's Sky-Lines

    How do you bring together Columbia's different floating quarters and tackle the geography's vertical nature? Irrational Games' Ken Levine talks about BioShock Infinite's use of Sky-Lines. In this Irrational developer diary , the developer's co-founder and creative director, Ken Levine... More
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