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  • Blog Post: Enjoying The View From Above

    In BioShock Infinite, players must be comfortable with the concept of parallel realities. What appears to be a peaceful street could be a war-torn battleground in a different version of the world. A person can be alive in one place, dead in another. Male here, female there – or never even born... More
  • Blog Post: Second BioShock Infinite Trailer Separates Truth From Legend

    Last month, Irrational Games and 2K released a clever video for the upcoming BioShock Infinite. The first episode in the faux-documentary series highlighted what supposedly happened to Columbia, the game's flying city. Now we've got part two, which focuses on the mythology surrounding the game's... More
  • Blog Post: New Screens Highlight High-Flying Action, Gunplay

    Irrational and 2K Games have released a small batch of new screens for the upcoming BioShock Infinite. They may not provide much in the way of major revelations, but they're another solid glimpse of the game's action and atmosphere. The screens include a look at Elizabeth, the exceptional young... More
  • Blog Post: Sirens Do More Than Make Noise In BioShock Infinite

    Irrational Games has released the latest in its series of Heavy Hitters videos, introducing us all to the Siren enemy type. As the team explains in the clip, she's a throwback to when the term "spiritual" meant something a bit different than what it does now. This former singer has the... More
  • Blog Post: BioShock Infinite's Boys Of Silence Keep Columbia On Alert

    The more we learn about BioShock Infinite, the faster it's becoming a contender for creepiest game of 2012. In a new developer video, the folks at Irrational Games introduce us to the Boys of Silence. Columbia may not have electronic surveillance, but you'll soon see that the powers that be have... More
  • Blog Post: BioShock Infinite's Handymen Pack Huge Fists, Tragic Pasts

    Irrational Games has released the second installment of its video series focusing on BioShock Infinite's so-called heavy hitters. These larger enemy types seem to function like minibosses, breaking up the action between run-of-the-mill encounters. In this clip, you'll meet the Handymen. These... More
  • Blog Post: Stare Into The Dead Eyes Of BioShock Infinite's Motorized Patriot

    With BioShock Infinite, the team at Irrational Games wanted to deliver more enemy variety than they did with BioShock. In a new series of videos, creative director Ken Levine and the gang debut the new heavy hitters, minibosses of sorts designed to keep players on their toes. First up is the Motorized... More
  • Blog Post: New Video Shows Emotional BioShock Infinite Voiceover Sessions

    Like its predecessor, BioShock Infinite aims to generate a complex emotional response in the player. To that end, series creator Ken Levine has been working closely with the game's voice actors to get the right performances. A new video shows off some of this (sometimes arduous) process. Entitled... More
  • Blog Post: Meet BioShock Infinite's Leading Cast

    In a new video, series creator Ken Levine introduces us to the actors playing the essential roles of protagonist Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, the woman he's sent to retrieve from Columbia. The first part of this new Irrational Games video series features actor Troy Baker, actress Courtnee Draper... More
  • Blog Post: Pondering The Secrets Of Columbia

    Gamers were already excited for BioShock Infinite, but after it raked in the awards at this year’s E3, the buzz around Irrational’s latest project is more intense than ever. Anyone following the game knows the major features: the floating city of Columbia, the extraordinary woman named Elizabeth... More
  • Blog Post: BioShock Infinite's Tears Explained

    Irrational's Ken Levine narrates this video about the windows that Elizabeth can rip open into other potential worlds in the upcoming action/adventure. Levine compares Elizabeth's innate ability to tap into alternate dimensions to the work of genetic scientist Tenenbaum from the first BioShock... More
  • Blog Post: Five Things We Learned At E3

    BioShock Infinite is one of the most impressive titles on the E3 show floor, which is saying something considering all of the offerings on display. Irrational Games is showing a hefty chunk of gameplay that teaches us some things we didn't know about Columbia. For a play-by-play of the sequence,... More
  • Blog Post: New BioShock Infinite Art Whets Our Appetite

    Since BioShock Infinite isn't releasing until 2012, fans have a lot of time on their hands before they get to board the floating city of Columbia. To make the wait less painful, developer Irrational Games is releasing a steady stream of new artwork. The piece above is an advertisement for Buckin'... More
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