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Bioshock Infinite

See BioShock Infinite's Booker DeWitt Gun Down George Washington

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding Columbia, Elizabeth, and Comstock in BioShock Infinite, but this latest trailer for the game reveals a little more about protagonist Booker DeWitt.

"Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt," an unknown voice tells Booker at the beginning of his journey. What follows in the trailer entitled "False Shepard" is an encapsulation of some of Booker's time in Columbia, from fighting crazy enemies to riding the skylines and interacting with Elizabeth.

BioShock Infinite comes out for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on March 26.

For more on the game, take a look at the previous trailer revolving around Elizabeth. And to learn more about why George Washington is a robot, read this other preview.

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  • looking better and better

  • I dont know if I could be anymore excited for this game!

  • I submitted a news tip, that this game is already being sold early on the PSN store... Like yesterday. How come GI didn't get my news tip?
  • It does look epic, indeed. I am very excited about this, and hopefully I won't be disappointed. Number one on my wishlist.
  • It seems like I'm killing poor George in a lot of the new games these days...

  • It's gonna be a long twelve days 'til I finally get to put this in my PS3 and launch to Columbia.

  • Man, George Washington sure is a popular target for assassins and guns-for-hire.
  • I will be playing GoW: Judgment for exactly one week and no more

  • There are no words that accurately describe how excited I am for this game.  I plan on taking vacation from work just to play this on the 26.

  • Looks freaking awesome.  Can't wait!

  • So epic. March 26th can't come fast enough!

  • Am I the only one who thinks this game looks entirely stupid...... JUST KIDDING. Looks great. My favorite game ever is Bioshock, and I'm a huge fan of the series. Story > anything! Already paid off the premium edition, cause I'm not made of money and can't get the ultimate.... :/

  • This game is so close I can't wait.

  • I still don't think this advertising strategy works for the Bioshock name. The games were never about action, and it doesn't seem like Infinite is either. So why are the advertisements making it seem like action is the main focus? Because it draws in more sales? I doubt it will, but I guess time will tell.
  • I want this game now!!!

  • And this just makes me even more excited for the game. The weeks need to fly by fast.

  • Damn, that lost shot looked kind of spoiler-y, wish they hadn't included it.

  • My panties are so moist.

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