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The Wonders & Dangers Of BioShock Infinite's Columbia

Take another look at the wonders and dangers of BioShock Infinite's Columbia in this new trailer for the game.

The trailer shows a bit of everything – gameplay, the people of Columbia, Elizabeth (and her interesting powers), and the political backdrop of the floating city.

BioShock Infinite comes out for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on March 26.

Be sure to check out this previous video as well, done in the style of a educational film strip.

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  • I want this so badly.

  • I skipped the second, but am all in for a trip to columbia... March can't arrive soon enough!
  • Beautiful, can't wait!

  • It's hard to believe its been over two years since the Bioshock Infinite GameInformer issue came out.

  • My God this looks insane. I guess Elizabeth really did have a redesign during the time period we didn't really hear from Infinite.
  • It looks sooooooo good!!!! Can't wait for March.

  • I love all these trailers! I just want Bioshock Infinite to release already.

  • Looks better all the time and it looked damn good to begin with.

  • Great now I'm even more excited for this game and I still have to wait almost two months for it.

  • Quite possibly, one of the most anticipated games of my lifetime.  The level of anticipation they are building is near fever pitch and consuming.  The ad and marketing campaigns are really trying to pull in everyone.  One word - WOW!

  • I think I just crapped my pants...

  • just 1 month to go guys! 1 month! haha!

  • Just pre-ordered this. March can not come soon enough!

  • I'm still surprised how much this game has changed over the years.

  • They have to stop teasing this game or the next 2 months will feel infinite! I CAN NOT BE MORE EXCITED FOR THIS!!

  • The graphics on this game is like walking through an art museum...completely stunning!
  • Definitely kicks Bioshock 2 out of the water ... heh heh. In all seriousness, this game looks amazing. Even though the release date has been pushed back a few times since we've known about the game, I'm sure it will all be worth it. The new characters and completely different setting really excite me. I can't wait!!!
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