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The Mac Version Of Bioshock Infinite Has A Release Date

The Mac version of Bioshock Infinite is coming later this month.

Mac publishing duties are being handled by Aspyr, a company that specializes in porting to Mac operating systems. It will be available on August 29 on the Mac App Store, Steam and Aspyr's GameAgent outlet. Purchasing the game on Steam gives players access to both the Mac and PC versions of the game, which applies to players who have already purchased the game, as well.

Recently, Irrational Games finally announced the DLC plans for Bioshock Infinite with Burial At Sea and Clash in the Clouds.

[Via CVG]

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  • Why do they even bother porting games to Macs when they aren't really made for gaming?
  • It's nice to see game developers accommodating to a bigger audience, and not just releasing games for PC. Even though my Mac isn't a gaming computer, I still like to have one or two games on there.

  • Who cares no one counts Pc gamers as real gamers anyways give me controller over a keyboard any day

  • Hopefully the port is named Bioshock Infinite: Go Buy A PC Edition.
  • No Linux and Google Chrome OS versions, c'mon. I think we would all agree these are much needed.
  • Mac owners play games too, everyone.
  • "How DARE they port a game I like to more people!

    I have lost hope in you, gaming industry. I HAVE LOST HOPE."

  • Kinda unrelated, kinda not, but when controller support is added in iOS 7, will those controllers work easily with Mac computers as well? Linking my Dualshock 3 to my Mac is a hassle.
  • Hmmm.. They didn't need to take it to Mac, but itll probably be good.

  • Why don't people just use boot camp and play it that way?

  • I kicked myself for wandering into this comment thread after reading some of the same old petty, tired comments that I expected to find here.  But then I found some pretty deft and funny responses by other users and the day was saved!

  • It would be cooler if it was on a console!
  • Great

  • It's nice seeing a few great games coming to the mac. I wish linux would receive more good games as well.