Bioshock and Bioshock 2 are both fantastic games. Bioshock's story, gameplay, and shocking twist will forever be cemented in my brain. Bioshock 2's improved gameplay, and, in my opinion, slightly more streamlined story will also never be forgotten. Minerva's Den, although a DLC, will also be cemented in my brain as a fantastic conclusion to Rapture and its lore. 

I won't give away any story details, because it is one of Minerva Den's strongest points. The characters are well done, as always, and it is a joy to hear their voices over the radio. Subject Sigma, the Big Daddy you control, is, as mentioned in Gameinformer's review, a freaking beast. He feels much stronger than Subject Delta, giving Splicer's a run for their money. Speaking of Splicers, they are back, and meaner than ever. The Brutes are nasty, sometimes even controlling bots, and put up a fair challenge. The new Big Daddy, the Lancer, is probably the fastest, most powerful Big Daddy created yet, maybe with the exception of the bouncer (and I said maybe).

Although the Little Sister's have a less important role, there are six to be saved or harvested, and although I enjoy protecting the girls, especially in Bioshock 2, they are almost a nuisance here, mostly because the story sucked me in so much that I didn't want to take the time to gather ADAM from dead bodies, but that is a small complaint that can be looked over. The Big Sister appears as well, albeit a less important role as well, but she is still a formidable foe that I enjoy battling.

Some new arsenal has been added to Sigma's load of weapons, the two being the Ion Laser and the new plasmid Gravity. It sucks enemies into a vortex and it is awesome. The ion Laser is also a nice addition and powerful weapon.

Minerva's Den, all in all, is the best DLC to be released for any game, period (yes, that includes Mass Effect 2). The story is tight, the gameplay is fantastic, and it is challenging enough to where it isn't a walk in the park. Rapture, I salute you.