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  • Blog Post: An Emotional Masterpiece

    This game is amazing. Not only does it feature the same beautiful ruins of an art style as the first game, but it lets you see them through the eyes of one of the earlier residents of Rapture. This feeling of being a part of the mysterious and terrible city immediately puts you in the mood of a survivor...
  • Blog Post: bioshock 2 is a great game

    This a great game it allowed me to use whatever weapon or plasmid i want at anytime. so if you want a good single person game you try this game.
  • Blog Post: Game Over... continue? Bioshock 2

    *WARNING SPOILERS* (Secrets exposed from the original BioShock , play that first then read this! You've been warned...) If you’ve read my review of BioShock you can probably guess how excited I was for BioShock 2 . If you haven’t read my review of BioShock , here's the link. I’ll...
  • Blog Post: A Thrilling Sequel

    Not ever playing a bioshock game before, I was very nervous picking the game up. But when I did, it was worth the money. This game just shows you that somethings you cannot survive without. Subject Delta can't survive without Eleanor. But he does. When you have no first aid kits, out of drill fuel...
  • Blog Post: Bioshock Review

    BIOSHOCK One more for the shelves... 4.75 PS3 - 360 >>Concept Decent story line with wonderful gameplay,it is a shame that this is lacking multiplayer. >>Graphics In my opinion the graphics felt quite dated. >>Sound Excellent sound quality, wonderful work on peripheral audio, forcing...
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  • File: Bioshock 2

  • File: Bioshock 2

  • File: Bioshock 2

  • File: Bioshock 2

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