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  • Forum Post: bioshock 2

    this game is one of the best games to come out last year. I know there have been complaints about how delta is weaker then other big daddies, but how much fun would it be if there was not a challenge. You do however get close to being a true deadly and nearly invincible big daddy by the end. It takes...
  • Forum Post: Bioshock 2 - The downside of more of the same

    I loved Bioshock 1. I played through it several times when it first came out and loved the expereince. There was truly nothing like visiting the lost city of Rapture. then a few years went by and just before i got Bioshock 2 i played through it again so i could give a more informed opinion. that turned...
  • Forum Post: Anyone buy Bioshock 2 on Amazon and don't want their Big Daddy PS Home code?

    If those who don't care or want to use their code don't mind, can you please send me a message or something with it? I would have ordered from Amazon but I already paid off my limited ed. at gamestop. I will of course repay you for sending. Perhaps I can edit a signature for you or record a thanks...
  • Forum Post: Demo confirmation? And if so, a date?

    Anyone know about this? I honestly don't care if it's on the 360 or PS3, just wanna know when the demo is coming out so i can get ready to play it all day like Bioshock's demo...
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