this game is one of the best games to come out last year.  I know there have been complaints about how delta is weaker then other big daddies, but how much fun would it be if there was not a challenge.  You do however get close to being a true deadly and nearly invincible big daddy by the end.  It takes a while to get there, but that's just the process of growth. I do agree about two things gameinformer complained about though.

1) the fact that they changed the big sister from a unique figure to a faceless, annoying nuisance.  They did make up for it somewhat though.  They did add adam to the big sister for you to pick up, which made it easier to get upgrades.  another redemption they made was making eleanor into a big sister.

2) the drill's fuel gauge was another mistake. the drill is a great weapon, but the big drawback is the fact that within seconds the drill runs out of fuel.  big fail there.  They did give ways to reduce the rate of consumption.  They didn't help much.  Big shock there.  hah i made a pun.

Gameinformer also says that multiplayer was a mistake. I say other wise.  I love taking the city of rapture into a big brawl with other players.  Becoming a big daddy in muliplayer makes the game unfair, but i a joy to play around with.

Another thing i love about bioshock 2 is that it lets you have a hand for plasmids and a hand for guns.  I hated changing between weapons and plasmids in Bioshock 1.  It makes for an easy execution of well planed attacks.