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Bioshock 2 Blog Guidelines
  • The Almost There Sequel

    Bioshock 2 definitely has things going against it. Not being developed by Irrational Games, it also has an incredibly large pair of shoes to fill. Bioshock was one of the greatest games of all time, not just 2007. I am happy to say the sequel succeeds... More
  • BioShock 2- Makes improvements over the first, but not a masterpiece

    9.25/10 BioShock 2 is undeniably a great game, and while it does not change its formula too much from the first game, I found that it could deliver even more fun than the original with its well thought out plasmids and weapons, and while the story isn’t... More
  • Loved it

    Well done, an appropriate return to Rapture. More
  • An Emotional Masterpiece

    This game is amazing. Not only does it feature the same beautiful ruins of an art style as the first game, but it lets you see them through the eyes of one of the earlier residents of Rapture. This feeling of being a part of the mysterious and terrible... More
  • bioshock 2 is a great game

    This a great game it allowed me to use whatever weapon or plasmid i want at anytime. so if you want a good single person game you try this game. More
  • Bioshock 2: Return To The Rapture

    Bioshock was one of those horror shooter survivor games that rocked the gaming companies forever. Bioshock 2 is nothing short of that. In fact, it's even more. The ending to Bioshock landed us in a place we haven't seen for these 7 hours of gameplay... More
  • Game Over... continue? Bioshock 2

    *WARNING SPOILERS* (Secrets exposed from the original BioShock , play that first then read this! You've been warned...) If you’ve read my review of BioShock you can probably guess how excited I was for BioShock 2 . If you haven’t read... More
  • A Thrilling Sequel

    Not ever playing a bioshock game before, I was very nervous picking the game up. But when I did, it was worth the money. This game just shows you that somethings you cannot survive without. Subject Delta can't survive without Eleanor. But he does... More
  • Near Perfection

    I honestly thought this game was amazing.I have had it since day one!People complain that in the Single Player you die too quickly as a Big Daddy and honestly,you kinda are supposed too.Since you are the "Prototype Big Daddy" your armor is a... More
  • Second Descent into Rapture Doesn't Diminish Its Charm

    What is the difference between a game and a masterpiece? Many people feel that this difference is what separates Irrational Games' original Bioshock and its sequel, developed by 2K Marin. Like any follow-up to what fans call a landmark achievement... More
  • Bioshock Review

    BIOSHOCK One more for the shelves... 4.75 PS3 - 360 >>Concept Decent story line with wonderful gameplay,it is a shame that this is lacking multiplayer. >>Graphics In my opinion the graphics felt quite dated. >>Sound Excellent sound quality... More
  • It's Fun, But Not As Good As the Original

    I recently rented this game from a local store, and went into it a little worried. I had heard the game was fun, but not as great as the original. Being without Xbox Live, I loved the focus on the single player experience of the first, since that is lacking... More
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