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Bioshock 2

Game Informer Video Preview: BioShock 2

Game Informer gave the world the first exclusive look at BioShock 2 back in our April issue, packed with information on the story, gameplay and more. Now after getting our genetically mutated hands on this game, we bring you a video preview and serve as your story guide as we walk you through what to expect when the game drops early next year. Check out the video for gameplay footage, information on new Splicers, a new Big Daddy, introduction to antagonists and multiplayer features. After watching the video, be sure to read our interview with creative director, Jordan Thomas, as well as our interview with the multiplayer team, Digital Extremes, for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding BioShock 2.

  • i really like the darkness effects. it really looks nice with water and so on. i will love this game

    big sisters looks scary and fast.

    hopefully be game of the year.

  • This game is gonna be awesome.

  • Not only does the game look great, but can I say thank you Game Informer? Thank you for not making me have to lie and say that my birthday is January 1, 1912 like every other site. I can finally be 33 again. YES!

  • Wow... I was just on gamespot and saw the EXACT same footage, just in a different order. And theirs had sound. So.... The question is, who ripped off whom?

  • Haha... jk... Sorry for doubting your honesty...

  • This looks so epic, and has so much poential. i know its gonna be good

  • Blah, it looks great.

  • I like the weapons, they match the big daddys strenght/

  • I am ready now!

  • awesone game is awesome

  • excellent graphics, i agree with swed two the big sister looks badass cant wait to mess her up with the big daddy.  Hopefully the story is as good as the first one.

  • I was really looking forward to playing Bioshock 2 this Christmas, but I'm it was pushed back because now I can devote that time to MW2.

    Big sister looks like an annoying enemy to fight.  I plan on upgrading my ice plasmid to the max just for her. :)

  • I Can't Wait For This Game I Think The Original Is One Of The Greatest Games Of All Time And So Far Everything Is Looking Good So Def Excited I Hope The End Result Is Another Game Of The Year Caliber Title

  • I can't wait!

  • Can not wait for this game to come out, the first one was awesome.

  • I haven't even played bioshock yet. I really need to just so I can play this.

  • Like many others I was worried that they kept pushing this game back, but it looks to have payed off.  Here's hoping!

  • I can't wait for BioShock 2. The first one is my favorite FPS ever.

  • Wow, better storyline and gameplay. Bioshock 2 is going to obliterate the 1st Bioshock.

  • Oddly, I just want to play System Shock 2 now...

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