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  • Blog Post: The Almost There Sequel

    Bioshock 2 definitely has things going against it. Not being developed by Irrational Games, it also has an incredibly large pair of shoes to fill. Bioshock was one of the greatest games of all time, not just 2007. I am happy to say the sequel succeeds..mostly. Most of the changes to the game mainly deal... More
  • Blog Post: BioShock 2- Makes improvements over the first, but not a masterpiece

    9.25/10 BioShock 2 is undeniably a great game, and while it does not change its formula too much from the first game, I found that it could deliver even more fun than the original with its well thought out plasmids and weapons, and while the story isn’t as captivating, it still is great. The graphics... More
  • Blog Post: An Emotional Masterpiece

    This game is amazing. Not only does it feature the same beautiful ruins of an art style as the first game, but it lets you see them through the eyes of one of the earlier residents of Rapture. This feeling of being a part of the mysterious and terrible city immediately puts you in the mood of a survivor... More
  • Blog Post: bioshock 2 is a great game

    This a great game it allowed me to use whatever weapon or plasmid i want at anytime. so if you want a good single person game you try this game. More
  • Blog Post: A Thrilling Sequel

    Not ever playing a bioshock game before, I was very nervous picking the game up. But when I did, it was worth the money. This game just shows you that somethings you cannot survive without. Subject Delta can't survive without Eleanor. But he does. When you have no first aid kits, out of drill fuel... More
  • Blog Post: It's Fun, But Not As Good As the Original

    I recently rented this game from a local store, and went into it a little worried. I had heard the game was fun, but not as great as the original. Being without Xbox Live, I loved the focus on the single player experience of the first, since that is lacking these days. Knowing that multiplayer was added... More
  • Blog Post: Rapture is much alive

    Once again we return rapture with an armored diving suit. Our return is a warm welcome with new weapons and plasmids to play with. The gameplay is identical to the original Bioshock but introduces new ways to use the controls. Splicers and the environment have a brand new look and makes rapture look... More
  • Blog Post: Loving the return trip to Rapture!

    I absolutely love this game. The first one was great, and this one definitely doesn't disappoint. Sure, we now know what to expect around every corner we turn since we experienced it in the first installment, but to me it still has that same feel as the first. The environment looks even more beautiful... More
  • Blog Post: A Man Chooses... I Chose Bioshock 2 (and you should too)

    Bioshock 2 (360/PS3)* It's been a little over two years (less for PS3 owners) since first witnessing the incredibly original and hauntingly beautiful world of Rapture in the first Bioshock - and I, for one, was definitely ready to dive right back into the underwater dystopia. In the first title of... More
  • Blog Post: Excellent Game

    Given my amazing experience with the first Bioshock, I was very excited about Bioshock 2. Once I started playing the game, my excitement diminished. Perhaps my level of expectations were too high for the game, but I don't think that is the case. The story is definitely not on par with the tale of... More
  • Blog Post: The Return of Rapture

    No matter how you look at it, this is an amazing game. No, it doesn't quite match the magic of the first title, but everything else does. Rapture is still a mind-blowing setting for this game. The creepy atmosphere is superb, and sometimes it even feels like this distopian society really existed... More
  • Blog Post: Big Sister doesn't want you playing with me.

    Drilling Splicers: Awesome Freezing and Launchering Bigdaddies: Awesome Dieing from big sisters: Believe it or not i love the new enemy type, and not just because we can finally get a real fighting reward from Rescueing/Harvesting Little Sisters. Rightr after you get to all the litte sisters in a level... More
  • Blog Post: Simply Amazing.

    BioShock 2 was the sequel I was hoping for, beginning to end. The fights were amazing with the addition of the drill, dual wielding, and new plasmids, while multiplayer only positively added to the fray. The only bad thing about BioShock 2 was the relatively long waiting time to find a multiplayer match... More
  • Blog Post: Bioshock 2: A Daddy's Love.

    When I found out that my local Gamestop wasn't doing the midnight release for Bioshock 2, I was a bit disappointed. Regardless, I tried looking on the bright side by reading the review. After the reading the claims that it had a fair amount of issues, I was a little upset. I started debating whether... More
  • Blog Post: The sequel to one of the best story driven shooters on the next-gen consoles treads no new graound but is still and amazing adventure.

    In this second "submergence" into Rapture I had hoped for the things which were promised-not improvements, because the first Bioshock was as flawless as a game can be without being perfect-but changes for the better, new ways and methods to convey the story of a fallen city that thrived on... More
  • Blog Post: Nothing too Bio-shocking this time around

    Since announced, Bioshock 2 has been one of the most highly anticipated titles in my life. The first quickly became one of my favorite games and I had been dying to return to Rapture. This aside, I have to say my return trip was a little anti-climatic. Last time around you were in control of Jack from... More
  • Blog Post: it falls on the first game strandards

    I wanted to play a game that was good, instead i got something in the middle. How do you make one of 2007's best titles, and make a sequel turn into nothing. It doesn't make sense. Why dumb down a good game? More
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