Bioshock was one of those horror shooter survivor games that rocked the gaming companies forever. Bioshock 2 is nothing short of that. In fact, it's even more. The ending to Bioshock landed us in a place we haven't seen for these 7 hours of gameplay: Earth's Land. Now, even in Bioshock 2, we return to the hell hole we have come to know and hate: Rapture. I was reliefed to see we are still in this watery hell, but was shocked to see our helmet appearing in the corner of our view. Protecting our little sister Elenor, and then being told to commit suicide begin the horror you will outcome in Bioshock 2. With a scene repeating the begining of CoD 4: Modern Warfare, We begin our seige into the world of Rapture with what we have come to realize is filled with more and more death. All of the events in Bioshock have not summed up to those in Bioshock 2. I was loving Bioshock 2's events even after I finished the game on every difficulty and played it's multiplayer until the maximum level cap....twice. Even the RPG-like ending was filled with pure awesomeness. Due to events in the game, you can either save or kill off Proffessor Lamb. However, these are spoilers in a way, so their content will be hidden. As in the first game, the ammount of little sisters you save or harvest effect the ending cutscenes greatly. I know I don't make much sence..but i got you to think about one of the best games I baught during this time: Bioshock 2.

Replay Value: Very Very Very High