One more for the shelves...



PS3 - 360


Decent story line with wonderful

gameplay,it is a shame that this

is lacking multiplayer.


In my opinion the graphics felt

quite dated.


Excellent sound quality, wonderful

work on peripheral audio, forcing

the player to stay engaged and listen

to the actually game.


As a first run for a game goes

this is one of the best story lines

I have ever played, great playability.


Interesting use of chemical

weapons, fairly decent enemy AI.

>>Replay Value




The game certainly offered a wonderfully incising story line during it's campaign.  Although I have to say that the graphics felt dated, the use of plasmids and weapons alternatively was very intuitive.  After playing this game all the way through I was not terribly impressed with it.  The replay value for Bioshock was very low to me due to the lack of multiplayer and generally repetitive missions.   >>Kyralik