The first Bioshock was extremely creepy, but well made.  Nearly everything about this game was amazing, but the few flaws it had stuck out like a sore thumb.  However, with Bioshock 2, the storyline and gameplay were as, if not more, stimulating and exciting as the first one.  I was also immensely impressed with the success and smooth flow of the online match play.

I love how the second game began before the first, but ended after it.  This game gave valuable information on the storyline of the legendary city of Rapture and of its inhabitants.  More importantly, it game a point of view never before seen in Bioshock, the Big Daddy's.  At first, I thought that being the first Big Daddy was going to butcher the game, but as soon as I was finished with the First level, I was immediately hooked.  This game is innovative, awe-inspiring, and overall solidly built.  I strongly recommend this game and the first one to anyone interested in shooters or adventures.