Once again we return rapture with an armored diving suit. Our return is a warm welcome with new weapons and plasmids to play with. The gameplay is identical to the original Bioshock but introduces new ways to use the controls. Splicers and the environment have a brand new look and makes rapture look more unique everywhere you go. The first thing I noticed about Bioshock 2 was the colorful detail of the environment and how fun using the drill was. If you've played the original Bioshock  then this sequel is a must for you. The new weapons and plasmids add a little something to the game. The story is short and is actually quite interesting however hard to follow. The multiplayer is a nice addition and is really entertaining. The game even makes you feel special when it makes a reference to the first game and you think oh been there done that. This return to Rapture is a trip well worth taking.