Ok so there are a lot of videos with people killing big daddy’s, but nobody has any strategy.

The first thing you want is the shotgun and electric shots( I keep on hand about 20 just in case it is awhile before I can get more, I also save it exclusively for the big daddies.)  . The plasmid to use is incinerate, and you want health packs on hand. Research photos can help as well because they give damage bonuses.

If you have it static discharge can help a lot. I would also suggest the you get increased shot gun damage at the first power to the people station you see.

 If you’re far enough electric gel and a chemical thrower is extremely effective, the big daddy cannot even move.

Hack any nearby turrets, or cameras.

Save before the fight because random things can happen that you didn’t expect.

A proximity mine or two can be effective, along with some trap bolts but I never really used them.

Ok what you want to do is get right in its face and shoot it with the electric buck, switch over to fire and catch it on fire, then load it up with more electric shells to the face.  This simple strategy brings down the big daddies quickly and easily.


If you’re fighting a Rosie this can help because they don’t always shoot you when your close, if your far away try weaving in and out behind a pillar while using a gun with armor piecing rounds, and make sure he is on fire.

It is hard to time but if you jump before a big daddy smacks the ground you will not be stunned.


Sure it’s simple, but everyone online seems to fight them the hardest way possible, and maybe this will help you, I saved every little sister with this method.