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Death to Big Daddies!


Death to Big Daddies!

The big daddies are the hardest enemies to beat in Bioshock, so I will share with you how to beat them.

1. Get the most powerful wrench jockey there is.

2. Get the most powerful electro-bolt there is.

(Note: 1 and 2 may take a while because you may not have a whole lot of adam to spare and those plasmids aren't available till later in the game.)

3. Find a Big Daddy.

4. Use the electro-bolt to stun the Big Daddy.

5. Now get out the wrench. Now you might be thinking the wrench is your weakest weapon, but not with wrench jockey equipped. It also helps to have some exploding buck with you too. 

6. Repeat 4 and 5 until the Big Daddy dies.

I hope my insight has helped you in your travels through the mutated city of Rapture.

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  • this is an easy way, but!!!

    one thing i did is used the trap bolts.

    wait untill he goes over to the wall to get a lil sister out, when he starts banging on the wall shoot like 3 trap bolt lines on one side of him and like three on the other side of him and then a couple in front (which would be his back cuz hes banging on the wall). basically youll trap him in a net of trap bolt lines and step back and let big daddy do the rest! he will eventually kill himself.

    if he chases you just make it so when he chases, he runs into the traps.

    easy as pie!

    now go on game it up........would you kindly!?

  • I actually tried both ways, and i have to admit, Ninja Kaspyr's worked pretty well.

  • Gotta say shooting a ton of proximity onto an exploding barrel, picking it up with telekinesis, and hurling it at a big daddy works pretty well, and makes for one helluva an explosion. But Ninja Kaspyr has it down. Set up those trap bolts (two to a spot by shooting, crouching, and shooting again).  Also, electric buck with the shotgun works pretty well.

  • Another fun way to get rid of a Big Daddy is to find one with a Little Sister, remember where he is.  Go and find another one, use Hypnotize on him, then lob a grenade and an electric buck shell at the one with the Little Sister, and watch Big Daddy fight Big Daddy.  The one with the Little Sister will die, and the one you hypnotized will be pretty close to death, follow that one to his Little Sister and he'll be toast in no time!

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