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  • Blog Post: The Best Game Since COD 4

    I got this game and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for my birthday in a combo pack. While I was dissapointed by Oblivion, Bioshock pleasantly surprised me. Bioshock is definitely one of my favorite games of all time, and I can't decide between COD 4: Modern Warfare and Bioshock for my best game of... More
  • Blog Post: BioShock- The best game I've played UPDATE: Best single player. I played Halo 4, multiplayer beats this

    I have to state first of all that BioShock is my favorite game (now only favorite single player, since I played Halo 4's multiplayer), and comes so close to perfect that I do not know why not to recommend it to everyone. I purchased it right when Infinite came out, and was not sure what to expect... More
  • Blog Post: BioShock User Review

    BioShock is (or was, really) a fresh injection into the currently over-the-top cliche shooter market. I've heard that this was a spiritual successor to System Shock 2, so don't get mad if I claim something was so good about BioShock and they got it from System Shock 2. I am too young to have... More
  • Blog Post: The Disturbing Charm of a Crumbling Society

    It has been several years since I first played the original Bioshock. Considering Infinite will be coming out soon, I started up the first to remind myself of just how talented the people at Irrational are. For some strange reason, I never bothered to write a review of the first Bioshock. However, writing... More
  • Blog Post: Bioshock Review: One Of The Greatest Games This Generation

    Bioshock is a game that is designed around the concept of changing the way stories in games are presented. While not ignoring gameplay, Bioshock creates a perfect blend of both story, gameplay and even being one of the first games to implement morality choices. It's no wonder why Bioshock is known... More
  • Blog Post: Bioshock is a great game!!!

    I will tell you the truth I didn't get in to the Bioshock gams till I seen the second one come out but its a srange but a good srange game. this first person shooter is in my opinion better than call of duty. More
  • Blog Post: It's a great game, with some frustrating problems...

    This was a very good game. I can see why many hold Bioshock in such high regard. However, I was not as pleased. The story needless to say, is fantastic. However, after listening to all of the diaries more than once I feel like there could have been so much more to the back story of Rapture. There are... More
  • Blog Post: bio-creepy

    bioshock quickly impressed me with its battle style and its many things find. ill admit nit has a pretty creepy mood so i dont recommend playing alone at night . the graphics werent the best and a straight line to the end made it go down in my ratings. the choice to harvest or save the little girls was... More
  • Blog Post: "No Gods or Kings, Only Man." Bioshock

    I n bioshock, it has everything a gamer could want. Great fps controls, multiple endings, and great graphics. I LOVE IT!!!!! More
  • Blog Post: A masterpiece with possibly the best story out of any video game.

    I am the average shooter fan. I was caught up with all the latest holiday releases such as MW2 and was starting to obsess over Bad Company when I thought "I need to catch up with all the releases I never played, since all the sequels are coming out 2010." So I first picked up Mass Effect which... More
  • Blog Post: All good girls gather

    If you haven't played Bioshock yet, then why are you even reading this review? Do you need reassurance on what could be called one the greatest games ever made? Before Bioshock I never ever gave First Person Shooters a chance. I'm a big time RPG player so when someone told me about Bioshock I... More
  • Blog Post: Would you Kindly buy Bioshock.

    Great game, go buy it - - - - - Story: 10/10 Graphics: 9.75/10 Sound: 9.75/10 G ameplay: 9.75/10 More
  • Blog Post: I Bit Overrated

    I started playing this game with high expectations due to the high praise it was getting from the reviews. I came out a bit in shocked that it received such high scores. What disappointed me was the overall experience. I felt like they could have done so much more with such an awesome setting. If they... More
  • Blog Post: I'm going swimming...forever

    At first when I beat the game I thought "what a waste of time" and would have given it a four, but my friend introduced the key points, and that boosted my rating to a six. Even though I'm a hard rater, I think this game is lame for several reasons: 1) You are underwater the entire game... More
  • Blog Post: In the darkness of the Atlantic Ocean, lies a shining utopia.

    From the few hours you have been here, you know one thing: this man is evil. He willingly let a war between him and Fontaine tear apart his city, his utopia under the sea, built to keep away the constraints of the law from derailing his goals of creating the greatest city known to man. He kidnapped little... More
  • Blog Post: Best 360 Game To Date

    The first time walking through the dimly lit corridoors of Rapture was by far the most memorable experience in my extensive video gaming career. From the minute you step foot inside the bathysphere and see this individual get mercilessly slaughtered, you know that you are in for one hell-of-a ride. Shortly... More
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