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  • Blog Post: A Ravaged Metropolis

    What is Bioshock? That's a question you have to ask yourself. Is it an FPS? It could be, it has some of the tightest shooting and aiming mechanics in the business. Is it an Adventure? It could be, it has one of the greatest storylines in gaming history. Is it a Horror? It could be, the mood and setting... More
  • Blog Post: Creepy...but totally awesome

    i was sort of skeptical going into bioshock.(i was pretty late to the party, playing it a year and a half after it came out) the game had gotten perfect,or near perfect reviews from nearly every critic, and when i start a game like that, im always afraid that it will let me down. fortunately, bioshock... More
  • Blog Post: Great game late for PS3 owner :(

    Well, Bioshock is a great FPS with the greatest storyline of this generation (personally), the graphics are cool, the audio it's just fantastic is not just involving it's perfect, the powers and armor selection was perfect. Unfortunately for the PS3 owners wasn't cool wait six or seven months... More
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