Bioshock absolutely blew me away. The enviornment has forever changed the way I look at creativity in a virtual backdrop. But no, this is more than virtual. Once you enter Rapture you are Jack, a badass who just wants to leave, but has no choice. Now lets get to the review: 

Story/Plotline: 10/10 Outstanding

The story is incredible. But here's some background. Honestly, for the first ten hours (It took me around 12) I was having trouble understanding the hype. The game had near-perfect scores everywhere I looked. But in the most amazing plot twist I have ever seen in this medium, the sotry instantly became an unforgettable epic.

Setting: 10/10 Outstanding

Rapture is unforgettable from the moment you step in. Broken glass on the floor, water spraying in, vending machines persuading you that they have what you need, all with cheery advertisements for ADAM and highlighted with bright neon. A ridiculously creepy atmoshpere provides for a sense of unease that doesn't leave your soul. Pure genius.

Graphics: 10/10 Outstanding

I know what you may be thinking, why 10/10 on graphics? Well heres why, the game was made in 2007 and the graphic are still of modern caliber. I didn't notice to much pop-in, every once in a while when you load a save textures pop-in but otherwise the game is absolutely gorgeous.

Characters: 10/10 Outstanding

The characters in Bioshock are incredible and without doubt some of the creepiest I've seen. 2K definitely nailed speech, attire, and music of the time period. The terrifying audio logs show you the dark minds of the citizens of Rapture and just add to the overall creepiness. I would've liked to see some character development in Jack (he doesn't say a single word) but in the end the characters come from our wildest dreams.

Sound: 9/10 Amazing

The sound in Bioshock is quite good, voice acting suits its characters well. After playing you'll learn there's nothing more scary than hearing a Big Daddy roar and charge straight at you. My only problem was how quiet the diaries were as they were difficult to hear over combat or vending machines.

Gameplay: 9/10 Amazing

The gameplay is a FPS but with a unique infusion of power usage, called plasmids. Plasmis can shoot fire, freeze shock, etc all from your left hand control. The system is smooth and weapon switching is as clean and polished as possible. However when firing a weapon the reticle hardly works. You will find yourself spraying bullets to kill an enemy until you have gotten good at using the system. So after you spray these bullets you will not find enough ammo of corpses to keep you alive, forcing you to spend hard earned money on precious ammunition. Still a very solid and fun system to use overall.

Music: 9/10 Amazing

A creepy soundtrack seamlessly blends witht the current moment, however some songs may be a tad overplayed and tend to get annoying. Overall a fantastic composition of the amazingly creepy tunes of Bioshock.

AI: 9/10 Amazing

The splicers are Andrew Ryan's creations, and they are the typical enemy for this game. They are scary. Very scary. The will do the best they can to kill you and show up at inconvenient times. A solid and well structured AI that comes in many appearences.

Dialogue: 10/10 Outstanding

There are some instantly classic lines from Bioshock that will remain unforgettable forever. Andrew Ryan's lines are full of creepy memorable moments that haunt you straight in the soul. Jack doesn't say a word, but his foes sure do and I highly recommend you listen. Would you kindly?

Cover: 10/10

A cool cover, featuring a Big Daddy and a Little Sister, a nice cover that catches the eye.











 + 10    


Overall, Bioshock was a thrill ride from start to finish and definitely deserved the score it recieved. Its unforgettable characters, setting, and storyline make this game a must play. My advice: The game is fast paced, make sure you appreciate the surroundings once in a while. Also, play the game from start to finish, it gets REALLY good in the end.


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