BioShock is (or was, really) a fresh injection into the currently over-the-top cliche shooter market.

I've heard that this was a spiritual successor to System Shock 2, so don't get mad if I claim something was so good about BioShock and they got it from System Shock 2. I am too young to have played System Shock in it's heyday, so hopefully you get my point.

BioShock is easily one of the most innovative and creative games I have ever played. The plasmids gave me a new way to play, and I found myself relying more on my plasmid powers than the more conventional weapons I had on hand (if you would call a wrench conventional, that is). The way they were used in puzzles was awesome, not to mention mind bending. 

The artists were ingenious and extremely talented. I'm proud to say that this was probably top in its class in details and environments.

Now on to the story and entertainment factors. I know you are kind of getting bored with me saying this game is creative, over and over and over again. But one more time: this story was really really creative. Entertainment: 10/10

Sorry, but WOULD YOU KINDLY continue reading the review (Haha)?

However, the all the environments, while varied and detailed, confused the heck out of me several times. One time I kept going in circles, and didn't realize it until I had gone around about 5-6 times. That pissed me off. A LOT.

Despite the times that pissed me off (and subtracted .25 from the final grade), I'm glad I took my time and played this game. It is an experience so good, I pity the man who avoids it. 2K has certainly out done itself this time!