This was a very good game. I can see why many hold Bioshock in such high regard. However, I was not as pleased. 

The story needless to say, is fantastic. However, after listening to all of the diaries more than once I feel like there could have been so much more to the back story of Rapture. There are a few things that try and paint a vague picture in the minds of gamers as to the city's origins. But it's just not enough to quench my curiosity. I realize that this could have be done so the player can make up there own story for Rapture, for immersion and what not. But still, it wasn't enough.


The combat: Loved the plasmids. Despised  all other aspects of it. The aiming system is garbage. I'm sorry, but I greatly dislike it, and it's often frustrating, especially when playing on hard (more rants on this later in review.) But at that, the plasmids, the useful  ones anyway, are great. I love being able to snap my fingers and have the splicer in front of me explode into flames.


For achievement  hunters, beware hard mode. Not only is the combat much harder, the environment offers up much less in the way of things like health, ammo and money. The only way to really play the game on this difficulty is to run, die, be reborn at a near by vita chamber and repeat, hoping that you can make it past the over amped splicers and on to the next objective.


But I have to say, despite these slight draw backs, the game makes up for them in atmosphere and in their characters. The world of Rapture feels the way it should. The characters, the civilians of Rapture, if you will, feel like they belong there. It's really very well done.


So there's my review on a fairly old game that almost everyone on this website has already played and beaten multiple times. That kind of defeats the purpose of writing a review but oh well, first amendment at it's best, right?