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First Trailer And Screens

Sony announced this music festival sim from developer On The Metal at its Gamescom press conference. Now we have a few more details.

BigFest puts players in the role of concert promoter who starts with rinky dink outdoor shows and elevates to crazy Lolapalooza level festivals. You decide on food choices, speaker location, music genre, and more.

A social aspect allows you to visit other players' festivals and invite them to yours. Somehow you can incorporate real unsigned bands into your shows as well, but that is yet to be clarified.

Check out the trailer below to see BigFest in action.

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  • And the Vita keeps getting better. Now if only they'd announce some more colors.

  • Detestable Double posts Batman!
  • It is really cool that Sony/From Metal is doing this, and so off the wall. I hope this can help contribute to improving festivals in the future. I think I'm retiring from this in real life for the foreseeable future, expensive and EXHAUSTING!!

  • Its funny that i first hear about this game immediately after returning from a music festival (Equifunk). Anyway with that pegi 12 ratting i wonder how they are going to handle simulated people doing crazy things while on drugs.
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  • Looks drab and boring.

  • i have been a concert promoter for six years and while this is a great idea, it looks like it was half-ass executed. i would be willing to give this game a try but it looks like one of those freemium rip-off app games on the android market. setting up an outdoor music festival is not an easy task, either. hopefully they implement the difficulty of starting one up into the game - and also not make it difficult to get smaller, unsigned bands integrated into the game. otherwise this game is almost of no use to me and certainly doesn't represent a good concert promoter simulation.