just finished the new playstation 3 exclusive, beyond two souls. It is a amazing heart wrenching experience unlike most common games now a days, but it is a little mixed up. The overall plot is amazing and thrilling and at times chilling. I found myself getting goose bumps on more than one ocasion.



WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from this point on there will be spoilers, (Which is funny because i meant this to be a short commentary but it turned into a full length review O.o) so proceed with ALLOT of caution, i try not to give away any major plot points but it can happen, and this game is a cinematic experience and as such should be experienced unspoiled, which by the way coming from me, means allot, as i give no creedence to spoilers as usually its the adventure, the "How do we get to this momment" that i look forward to not, "How does it all end?!" But this is a rare momment in history where the whole package needs to be experience first hand, as I said i reveal as little as possible, but sometimes a little story escapes. For those who don't want to continue I will say this, this game is too short to buy, it lasts about 8 hours, and as such is very little play time, for your average cost of $59.99, as such if you have the option to rent/borrow it, do so, if not, black friday is coming very soon. 


Also im kinda tired while writing this so forgive spelling errors. 



That being said the underlying story is very jumbled and confusing with allot of randomness, such as iraqi cia operations, navajo india burials, and delivering a baby. Now if those thing dont sound like they go togeather, congratulations! Your slightly sane, or at least coherent enough to see some dilution there. 


The overall story is about a young girl who is born into a CiA operation for the paranormal, she has a connection to a ghost which allows her to do allot of creepy ***, over the course of the game she is trained to control her powers, become a top notch cia operative, and a angsty teen, thats right you live her whole life, from about the age of 5 untill shes about 25-30. and not in order either, its all jumbled, you get tossed around childhood, teenage, young adult, and adult in no given order. At one point you are homeless and have to rob a store and deliver a baby, during another part your in iraq killing a dictator, later your a pissed off teen wanting to "Go out on the town because all the other girls are doing it!!!!!" during another moment your cooking dinner for a date and (If you play your cards right) getting some action. At this point i feel I should point out that there is no direct nudity or major graphic violence (Dismemberment etc.) there is, ALLOT of side boob though, i mean, allot! 


anywho... this whole adventure takes place over about 8 hours, a little short for a modern game, however it is a easily repeatable experience, as there are SEVERAL endings, collectables, and a kind of foggy ambiguous moral system in the game, for example there is one moment where you can "Forgive" or kill your adoptive father for ditching you in the cia program and not giving a *** about you and actually basically telling you your worthless, (Gotta say it took ALLOT to not kill that sweater vest wearing a$$hole.) on the note of a morality system, its kind of depressing because it doesnt really feel like your choice affect much in the long run, I mean a few major choices do, but then there are others that SHOULD but dont, for example, choosing weather you kill your father or not? Big thing right? Well... not according to these guys, as it has no effect on the plot of the story at all, not a blip, not even a little. Or some choice you make get over looked entirely, in one scene your at a party and the go a dursly on you and lock you in the cupboard under the stairs, and after you bust out you can choose to get "Revenge" (which ranges from scaring them to burning down the house and listening to the screams,) or to just leave the party, I choose to leave, but in a later scene my cia handler says to me "Remember that party you went to?! You burnt the house to the ground just because they were mean to you!" at which point i think to myself "Actually I walked out the damn door and walked home... living the house fully intact and the stupid teens the bullied me unscared." 


The controls in this game are a little funky, as they are based on QTE's (Quick Time Events, essentially 'push X as fast as you can or you die, events') and not classic combat, the stealth is doable but suffers from the same problem, and considering this game is based around stealth, that is a bit of a problem. 


This game stars a bunch of big name actors and actresses such and Ellen Page, and William Defoe, and so its safe to say the acting in this game is some of the best in modern video games, although some of the other cast mates hits the melodrama scale untill it maxes out, it is often tempered by ellens soft portrayal of a scene. 


The soundtrack in this game is very generic ghost story thriller music, and as such doesnt add much to the experience for me sadly. 


Overall this game is fun and has an exhilarating story, but is over too quickly and has a few too many shortcomings to justify a full $59.99 to its name, I do however recommend, that if you have the means to rent, or borrow, that no gamer should go without experiencing this epic tale. 



Thanks for reading, yours, Wulf.