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Beyond: Two Souls

Quantic Dream's Latest Is Not Like Heavy Rain

If you jumped right from Heavy Rain to Beyond: Two Souls, you might be surprised by Quantic Dream's changes in tone and gameplay. The two games are very different, but don't take our word for it.

Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere explains the differences between the two projects to Sony in this video interview.

Don't miss our latest hands-on impressions with the game.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • good..............
  • thanks...

  • i really liked heavy rain was one of my fav games on ps3 and i'm pretty excited for this but the demo kind of had me worried about the controls i wasn't always sure which direction to press

  • Can't wait for matt and pat to rip it a new one.
  • People may give the best friends crap for so hating on cage and his games,but at least they know their $&@# and make good points and valid criticisms. I can't believe a man like him was allowed to keep making games. Hell,for one great reason people always complain about how women are portrayed in games. David cage portrays women TERRIBLY! they are there usually just for sex! Heck,both his previous female protagonists OUT OF NOWHERE have sex with the main male protagonists(who they are investigating and who are thought to be possible serial killers). But no girls have the hits for complete strangers who are killers. Hasn't anyone thought his forced romance scenes are a little strange? Regardless of if some are optional...since they are there why are they needs in the 1st place when you take into account there is never lead up to a romance? It just happens? Like how and why does Kane get with (Carla?) in indigo prohecy? They literally get together and have sex out of nowhere.
  • What they are not different in however, is looking incredibly epic.

  • YouTube saw good Beyond two souls dream only push and control human eye white full wow interesting.

  • I definitely liked Heavy Rain and I played the demo for Beyond: Two Souls. It's a different type of game than Heavy Rain and looks very promising. Looking forward to play the full game.

  • As someone who didn't like Heavy Rain that much, I was very surprised by the demo for Beyond: Two Souls.  I think I might have to get it someday.

  • I wonder how sexist David Cage's female characters will be this time.
  • Quite interesting. I will have to look into this game perhaps during the holiday season later this year.