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Beyond: Two Souls

Creating The Soundtrack For Beyond: Two Souls

Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) is serving as the producer for the soundtrack for Beyond: Two Souls, and in this behind-the-scenes video he and composer Lorne Balfe (Assassin's Creed III, The Dark Knight Rises) discuss their admiration for the project and how they went about creating the soundtrack.

More than just creating a score for the game, Zimmer and Balfe talk about the challenges of working with video games, and how they had to tailor the soundtrack to the game's different plot paths.

For more on the game, read about its recent revelation of co-op and its touchscreen app.

Beyond: Two Souls comes out for PlayStation 3 on October 8.

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  • Well one thing is for sure... the soundtrack will be dynamite! I can't wait to hear the full soundtrack now.
  • This is super cool. But man i'm so excited to share with you guys that i went to Vegas for the gamestop expo and i got to meet the guys behind Gameinformer!! They were super nice and complimented my hair. I wonder if they remember me? Probably not. Any body else here went to the expo?

  • *** David Cage!

  • I'm so excited for this. A nice exclusive send off for the PS3 before I fully commit to the PS4. Its nice to see a console get a proper sendoff with a fantastic exclusive. Go out on a high note
  • Lookin forward to October.  I gotta wirk extra hours with alk the stuff comin iut.

  • Hans and Lorne are a great team and I'm sure the score will be a stand out feature of Beyond.

  • Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer are my top fav. composers...cnt wait for the soundtrack

  • What about Normand Corbeil's work?
  • Not sure how I feel about how much they speak about working with film...I mean these are different mediums..
  • I like this and I want this game! Very much looking forward to another fresh experience coming off of The Last Of Us.

  • Wow, they got Hans Zimmer for this game? They must mean some serious business. It'll give it that cinematic touch. Still worried about those control issues though, might be more fun to watch on YouTube than play if that's the case.