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Beyond: Two Souls

Behind The Scenes Of Beyond: Two Souls

Developer Quantic Dream continues to pull back the curtain on PS3 title Beyond: Two Souls, this time with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the game.

This first in a four-part series talks with actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, among others, about their involvement with the game, and creator David Cage divulges more about the project's origins.

Beyond: Two Souls comes out for the PlayStation 3 on October 8. For Tim's hands-on with the game at E3, check out his preview.

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  • I love the mystery surrounding this game. Makes me want to play it more just to unravel the whole thing.

  • The second time I wished I had a ps3
  • Ellen Page is pretty one moment, then seems very plain the next. Strange girl. I like that big name actors are getting into the gaming biz. Very cool.

  • I hope this game does well!

  • Ellen Page lends this game an inescapable air of pretentiousness.

  • A new ad besides dynasty warriors would be nice, but i guess I can't complain since turtle beach was annoying. I would just like variety!!
  • And yet..I still dont really understand the plot of this game..
  • David Cage has such a way with words.

  • Loved most of Ellen's movie except Mouth to Mouth...which was terrible...
  • hey look its Ellie..

  • I love how Ellen Page relates wearing a motion-tracking suit while voice acting in a video game to jumping off a cliff.

  • Great preview Kato. Have high hopes with what this game can achieve, even if the controls were said to be a big let-down from some on the E3 show-floor. Who's going to be reviewing this?

  • I'm really looking forward to Beyond Two souls, and it's probably going to be bitter sweet because I know that the game is going to be great but it will probably be the last big PS3 game that I'm going to buy, then it's onto the PS4.
  • This makes me hate having an Xbox 360 & wish this game was multi-platform.

  • yeah yeah!.. we know as you people said in this "behind the scenes" thing that it is amazing and ect. (these actors are really selling this one) the only one that sounds credible is Willem Dafoe....

    lets see when the game is finnished,if it is as good as the actors let us believe it is.


  • Love these, especially when its so narrative centric.

  • I want a PS3 just for this game and The Last of Us. Hopefully, I can catch those two on Sony's cloud service eventually...

  • OHMYGOD! This comes out the day after I leave for Basic Training. Son of a b*tch..

  • Very cool.  Love the link between movies and video games.