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Beyond: Two Souls

35 Minutes Of Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay

Beyond: Two Souls, the upcoming game from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, made an appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend (a first for a platform-exclusive video game), and along with a new trailer, a large portion of gameplay has appeared online.

Below you will find 35 minutes of straight gameplay from Beyond: Two Souls. You'll see the digital version of Ellen Page cry, talk on the phone, and play guitar on the street with gloves on.

Quantic Dream recently sent us a blank copy of the game's script so that we could see just how long it is.

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  • This game is going to be epic and truly amazing! Cannot wait!

  • WOW...just wow Im definitely getting this game day one. I was literally cheering for Jodie when she was rescuing her new friends in the fire building.

  • wait can you really accept that offer at 10:00 that's so weird

  • Honestly, they would have done better to make this into a TV series so I could sit back and relax and enjoy the story rather than have to be on point waiting for my prompt to move the plot/action forward. Still it looked pretty good. Ellen Page is great in this. What a girl.

  • Why would you want to watch 35 minutes of this? The game is only 10 hours long, at a 60$ price I would'nt want to ruin anything.

  • Im not sure if one video has ever changed my opinion on anything so drastically.

  • The score is great. Great point to leave us at though
  • Wow amazing!!

  • This isn't a game, it's an interactive movie, just like Heavy Rain before it.

    Having said that, I still think it's absolutely worth a purchase.

  • wow, managed to sit through the entire clip. That was interesting, Think I might get a copy when its on sale and try it out..

  • The graphics are great and the story seems interesting enough, but I just don't think this is my type of game.  

  • cant wait to get it