Beyond Good and Evil is a great game, but with a few minor issues. It was a game that, when it was originally brought out, people didn't pay much attention to it.

I played that original game and it was great fun. Now however, my brother bought me the HD version, which is more or less the same as the original, with only a few minor difference, mostly with the graphics (I am not quite sure if the shark playing the game in the Akuda Bar was there before). Therefore, it has all of the great points of the previous game, but also the few minor issues.

Firstly, It does not allow you to go back and play once you have completed the game. This can be quite annoying, especially if you want to go back and try and collect all the pearls, or pictures of all the animals.

Also, the AI isn't very good. It was more than once that I was spotted by the Alpha section. Hide, and they will instantly forget about you. This is good, but not very realistic.

Lastly, The graphics, even in the HD version, can be a bit awkward, especially the faces, but this can be overlooked quite easily.

In conclusion, do not let my comments stop you from playing it. It is a great game with a pretty good story line. The hovercraft is great fun, especially in the races. The Beluga is a great toy to play around in, and the challenge of getting all of the animals documented is fun. But you cannot go back and see what you have taken a picture of. All in all, a fun game, that I would advise any one to play. 9/10