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The one game to download is everything but new

I honestly don't know how not to ruin this game and review it at the same time simply because its so amazing!  The story was epic and personal like no other.  The gameplay is superb and story perfect.  This game is what Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect are today.  How you figure out the secrets here is genuinely entertaining and truly rewarding.

No player can say this type of game is not for them and deserve to give it a shot.  Out of huge backlog of games that I have played in this life of mine starting with a few from atari 2600 to today, this one holds a special space reserved for real true gems.  

This is one of those gems.  Play it.

  • Completely agree - almost wish I hadn't played the original, so I could have everything revealed to me for the first time in the HD era. To anyone who has never heard of this game, make yourself acquainted. To anyone who has heard of it, but never played it, take the plunge - for a measly 800 MS points, this is a total steal. Enjoy!