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Blackpowder Games Reveals Its Colonial Mystery, Early Access This Month

One of the most mysterious elements of American history is the disappearance of the Roanoke colony. A single word carved into a tree, "Croatoan," was all that was left of the abandoned settlement. Blackpowder Games' new title, Betrayer, evokes that same eeriness in a colonial America setting.

Blackpowder Games, made up of ex-Monolith developers (F.E.A.R., No One Lives Forever), is almost ready to let gamers dive into its inaugural title. The year is 1604, and you've washed up on the Virginia shores expecting to find a colony set to be your new home. Instead, this black, white, and red adventure is one of survival and mystery.

You can see the announcement trailer and screenshots below. The title joins Steam Early Access on August 14.

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  • Looks interesting, but I will admit that the whole overpowering "red, white, and black" thing is sort of ruining it for me.

  • This game looks and sounds pretty neat.

  • I can see the color-scheme getting to me, but everything else about this game looks pretty neat. The 14th is smack-dab in the middle of my two-week break before the fall semester starts, will definitely check out the early access.

  • Holy sh!t this look legit! Although the thing that quite bugs me so much is the fact that the whole game is black and white, now I don't have a thing for that it's just that the b/w factor of it is so intense, it's quite hard to aim especially of this being a first person game.

    Rest assured i'm really looking forward to this game, and the developers of this game has quite have a good reputation, since they made one of the best first person games ever (NOLF)