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  • Blog Post: A Bright Summer Release Window

    Have you been anticipating Capybara Games' Below? Good news! The game isn't far off from release. Capy revealed a summer release window today, but not without giving us another look at the game with a new trailer. The procedurally generated dungeon crawler focuses on survival, and the trailer... More
  • Blog Post: Hands-On With Below

    At PAX East 2014, I had the opportunity to take a deep dive into Capybara Games' Below. Think Dark Souls meets The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker. Below is an epic dungeon-delve based around exploration, discovery, secrets, and death. The game is visually striking, as the player character is a mere... More
  • Blog Post: Capybara Leads The Indie Games Charge On Xbox One

    [Note: This article originally appeared in issue #245 of Game Informer ] As the clouds part, they reveal an unexceptional, greenish brown island alone in a blue, rippling sea. A minute rowboat, no larger than a grain of rice from this far-off distance, slowly glides toward the landmass. Pulling up to... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox One Exclusive's Screenshots And Trailer Revealed

    Microsoft announced at its E3 press conference today that Capybara's next game is Below, an exclusive Kinect-based title for the Xbox One. The trailer reveals Below's simplistic art style and gameplay. Below, described as "roguelike," has the player battle the evil Darkness in search... More
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