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  • Blog Post: Kickstarter Funded Title Coming To PC In September

    Skyshine Games has released a new video to celebrate the upcoming release of its Kickstarted roguelike Bedlam. Along with the video, the development team has announced the game will be coming to PC on September 17. The video above offers an in-depth look at the dozer vehicle and the different factors... More
  • Blog Post: Interview With Skyshine Games On Creating The Post-Apocalyptic RPG

    Bedlam is an upcoming roguelike RPG from the small indie studio Skyshine Games. It boasts a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world filled with characters who have had a few too many cybernetic enhancements. Players create a crew and journey across the world of Bedlam in a large, grungy vehicle called a Dozer... More
  • Blog Post: Bedlam Brings Banner Saga’s Engine Into A Post-Apocalyptic Future

    If the video for Bedlam below reminds you a bit of The Banner Saga, you’re not wrong. Developer Skyshine Games is using Stoic’s engine for its 80s-inspired, post-apocalyptic RPG. You’ll build a team of humans, mutants, and robots to explore the wasteland and find the fabled Aztec City... More
  • Blog Post: Novelist Christopher Brookmyre Collaborating On Bedlam Video Game, Coming Soon To Steam

    Award-winning Scottish crime novelist Christopher Brookmyre is working with developer UK developer RedBedlam to bring his upcoming novel Bedlam into the video game world. Brookmyre's novel, Bedlam, will be available on January 21, and the game, which shares the name and premise of the book, will... More
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