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Bayonetta 2

New Trailer Focuses On Story And Characters

Platinum Games' has released a lengthy new trailer for its Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2, and the game continues to impress.

This time around, the footage focuses on the games (somewhat ludicrous) story and characters. This is definitely one that Wii U owners should get excited about.

If you missed our earlier story, we also learned today that Bayonetta 2 will feature a number of costumes inspired by classic Nintendo franchises.

  • Yeah, but it's on the Wii U, so who care's!!
  • Did I just watch Bayonetta spank a monster into a torture device?
  • Maybe it'll come to other consoles in the future???
  • Bayonetta you're a mystery.
  • I will be sure to support it... if I ever can afford a Wii U. Hopefully this is successful enough to encourage things that aren't Mario and Zelda.

  • Did anyone else catch the comments from the director that it might go to other systems? That's the vibe I got from the Direct at certain points.
  • Well, I guess the graphics might be impressive to Wii U owners....
  • This looks absolutely amazing.

  • Ohhhh I can't wait for this game! I wanna play it!!!
  • Here comes all the obnoxious bastards whining about its exclusivity...

  • Over the top combos and boss battles can't wait. Had the first one on 360 and loved it. Could only play it for an hour or so because the 360 controller doesn't fit my hands well.

  • "uh, this game sucks so much it uses last gen graphics uh... it's so last year... uh..." I'm really sad for you guys it's like you can't enjoy something unless it's "next gen" even if the game is clearly a good game you brand it negatively because it uses "last gen" graphics, so pathetic, I'm a PC gamer but i am not those people who has like high end PC, i still remember a time where i really wanted to play COD MW but my PC can't run it unless it is in ultra low settings and 800x600 resolution but did that stop me? no i played the hell out of that game with those settings and i enjoyed it to the fullest, like Tallahassee says enjoy the little things, my classmates even asks me how can i play and enjoy a game with that low resolution doesn't it hurt my eyes? my comment "no", because i am a *** gamer i will play a game that i want, and i will enjoy it and make sure my laptop can run it or die trying!.
  • Mod
    Really wish this would eventually hit the other consoles. I love ya Nintendo but i'm still not gonna buy a WiiU, but i fully support the 3DS for ya ;] The music in here was beyond amazing, def hype worthy! Really wish that Bayonetta and Devil May Cry did a zany crossover of sorts :p At the very least, here's to hoping that Scalebound sates my action-slash hunger!
  • Oh man! I can't wait!

  • I'm more interested in this game thanks to the Nintendo Direct and this trailer. Was Bayonetta 1 a good game?
  • I have this game pre-ordered already. Now I just have to wait till it comes out next month.

  • whoa.. spoiler alert. holy cow. that trailer was too long and told way too much.

  • So far there is a Samus, Link, Peach, Daisy and Fox costume. ( yes Daisy is confirmed ) I wonder what else will be added?

  • Why is there a picture of Bayo 1 up there? Matt Helgeson, I am dissapoint.