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Bayonetta 2

New Enemies, New Weapons, And Frozen Tidal Waves

As part of Nintendo’s Comic-Con presence, a new Bayonetta 2 level was on-hand to show off some new enemies and weapons.

The new area I got a chance to play is the game’s second chapter. Not dropping in from the start (and being politely asked by Nintendo to skip all cutscenes) meant I had no idea what was going on, but the action was exciting and fluid.

I started with Bayonetta’s Love is Blue weapons, but with a tap of the right shoulder button, I switched over to the Rakshasa and never looked back. The Rakshasa places two gigantic blades on Bayonetta’s heels and two in her hands. It was faster and had a much wider range of attack, and holding down the attack button mid-combo let me build it up to unleash an extra powerful attack.

A new enemy appeared, looking like a pillar with an eyeball. I took it out first, which ended up being a smarter move than I realized. Left alone, they power up the enemies around them making everyone stronger. I made the mistake of ignoring the enemy when it reappeared later in the level, and a large horse enemy that I previously made quick work of suddenly became difficult to defeat. From then on, I made sure to kill the eyeball columns first.

Outside of the combat, one cool sequence occurred when a giant tidal wave froze mid-curl, allowing me to walk along it to my destination. I have no idea why it happened or who did it, but it looked very cool.

The game’s second chapter was a short one, and it left me wanting more. The solid action present in the game’s first iteration seems to have translated over to the sequel well with some nifty new additions. I am looking forward to diving deeper into the assorted combos and weapons when Bayonetta 2 releases in October exclusively on Wii U.

For more on the game, check out our hands-on impressions from Bayonetta 2's E3 demo.

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  • I'm very excited Nintendo has some awesome exclusives coming out. And they usually seem more polished and complete then other games.

  • Lucky Kyle! Sounds like the game is one crazy blast to play. I can't believe it's finally releasing later this year. :)

  • I can't wait to see all the new weapons in this one. It took me a long time to unlock all of them in the original. I'm pretty confident this will be my GOTY. I just hope it sells well. If so they've already said they want to make another with Nintendo.

  • I WANT THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm still stuck trying to figure out what's happening in that screenshot.
  • I haven't played the first one, so I'm really grateful that Nintendo is adding it as well. This game looks like tons of fun. I hope this game gets a lot of support. You wanted a more mature game, well here it is.
  • If there isn't a great melee-based game like this for PS4 by the time it comes out, I just might consider getting a Wii U. I didn't really like the first one because it seemed to lack polish, but this looks great.
  • I am so stoked for this game. I've wanted a sequel since I played the first one (again, and again, and again). But I can't think about it too much, or I start to feel like a little kid does when their birthday is just week away - and it feels like the longest week in history.

  • Didn't doubt the quality of beyonetta. But devils turd though...

  • This keeps looking better and better. I can't wait for more Bayonetta