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Bayonetta Blog Guidelines
  • Bayonetta: Absurd, Crazy Fun

    I'm going to come right out and say it: Bayonetta is absolutely ridiculous. Don't take that statement as negative however. Everything from the convoluted plot to the over the top action screams absurdity but this is one experience that gamers... More
  • Good Combat, Bad Story bro

    I agree with everything GI said about the combat of this game. I had a good time with it, I really did. The characters lack depth entirely though, and the story is well, meh. It's not very capturing and you'll find yourself in beautiful environments... More
  • An Over The Top Bullet Filled Adventure

    I've experienced some outrageous moments in video games. I've ridden rockets like a skateboard through the sky. I've thrown down with a giant Armadillo made of lava. I thought I had seen and done it all, but then I played Bayonetta. All ridiculous... More
  • Bayonetta - Super Terrific Japanese Fun Time

    Bayonetta is pure Japanese. It is kooky, wakky, and an overall good time. You play Bayonetta a witch awakened after 500 years of sleep. Bayonetta, as a witch has made a deal with demons for power and thereby has to deliver bird-like angels to demons to... More
  • Bayonetta delivers insane action and amazing visuals.

    I'll admit that I was reluctant to pick up this title, considering that my back log of games was piling up on me. But being a fan of over the top action, this game seemed too wild to pass up. Only a handful of minutes into Bayonetta's story and... More
  • Bayonetta (Does NOT deserve a 9.00)

    One word: Horrible More
  • Bayonneta better than expected

    Bayonetta works well on many levels. Its almost Identical to the Devil May Cry saga and also shows remnents of the newer Ninja Gaiden titles. When i first started playing, i was ready to take it back. The first scene is awful and the music is ridiculous... More

    Now this is only for the PS3 version of the game, I have not tried it on the 360 Usually I have the patience of a saint when it comes to playing video games (dying, redoing certain levels, dying again) but this one was able to break me of that. First... More
  • What is all the hype about?

    What is all the hype about? Yes, you get to do some pretty amazing moves during every single fight, but getting those combos to work is another matter entirely. I must disagree with GI about the controls of this game being responsive. Around half the... More
  • Guns, Hair, and Lollipops

    Devil May Cry was one of the craziest games of its time back when it was released on the good old PlayStation 2, and now the game's creator, Hideki Kamiya, tops his previous efforts with Bayonetta, the most over-the-top and stylish action game ever... More
  • There ain't no party like Bayonetta's tea party

    Bayonetta is first and foremost over-the-top action. The only way you could get more intense violence is actually having the blood shoot out of the TV onto the player's face (someone jot that down for me.) However, what really sets it apart is that... More
  • best game ever

    This game was so fun and had good graphics, it beat DMC for my favorite action game, and i really hope they do make another one, although the guns you start out with are basically useless later on, you can just simpy switch to your shotguns,the controls... More
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