I've experienced some outrageous moments in video games. I've ridden rockets like a skateboard through the sky. I've thrown down with a giant Armadillo made of lava. I thought I had seen and done it all, but then I played Bayonetta.

All ridiculous happenings aside, Bayonetta has a surprisingly decent story with an almost good plot and nearly interesting characters. Describing it would only make it sound more ridiculous than it truly is, but compared to games of it's kind, Bayonetta has some heart.

However, any heart contained in Bayonetta is dashed away as soon as the fast-paced and hectic battles ensue. Her ridiculous moves and graphic finishers are highly entertaining, and never get old; from break dancing and spraying gunfire every which way, dodging at the right time and sending everything into slow-motion, to summoning medieval torture devices for an explosive cringe-worthy finish, and all is done with ease thanks to the tight, easy to execute controls. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can just blast your way through every encounter with the same combo though. There's a wide diversity of enemies to throw down with, and different tactics are needed to efficiently defeat them, which forces you to stay on your toes.

The enemies are wonderfully designed and detailed, especially the bosses. Huge in size and power, they provide a solid challenge and may cause you some frustration. In fact, the whole game provides a challenge. Though not quite as harsh as Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta will still dish out it's fair share of continue screens, and it's rating system at the end of each level will harshly judge your performance and spur you on to improve your skills.

Like any other game, Bayonetta has it's flaws. To break up the action, there's a handful of one-off sequences dashed into the game that frustrate more than entertain. Riding a motorcycle, or guiding a missile, these sequences are marred with stiff controls and just feel sloppily thrown together. They last far too long and any feeling of awe of what is happening is quickly lost in their repetitiveness. In trying to make a unique character, I feel they took it to far with Bayonetta herself. Her body is flaunted around and her sexuality is almost always being thrown in the player's face. I'm very well aware that it's supposed to add to the ridiculous nature of the game, but after seeing her nearly naked countless times and seeing her do a strip tease like dance every time she finished off a boss, and her numerous suggestive lines, Bayonetta turned into a character I was ready to rid my television screen of.

Bayonetta has awesome combat, beautiful environments, and well designed characters, but the shoddy sequences and flaunted sexuality took enough away from the experience to make it come short of awesome and fall into the category of pretty good.