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EA And Visceral Share 10 More Community Requested Improvements

EA and Visceral are continuing to keep the lines of communications open to fans. Battlefield Hardline is undergoing some changes following the beta last month, and feedback has helped shaped some of the improvements.

In this week’s “Community’s Most Wanted List,” Visceral talks about a number of things that will change the feel and pacing based on your input. Explosives will be toned down a bit, with less frequent uses and more realistic impact.

The HUD, customization screen, and audio are all getting tweaked to improve the delivery of vital information (like the enemy sneaking up behind you). If you happen to favor the Mechanic class, you’ll be happy to know that it will become more versatile by the next time you play Hardline. However, it will likely not be called “Mechanic.” Visceral is currently taking suggestions for a new name. 

Rounds will last longer in the final version, which also pairs nicely with one of the other improvements. Visceral is adding more interactive objects for a more dynamic world. The idea is to increase your environmental options.

You can read the entire list on the Battlefield website. You can also check out our E3 preview of the title and the first Community’s Most Wanted list.

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  • Grease Monkey class instead of mechanic.
  • EA and Dice are real good at talking loud but tend to keep disappointing. You two better bring it with this title cause as far as I can see the static duo are stuck waist deep in a pool full of DOO DOO! SCOOBY DOO DOO!!
  • I request that they remove all military grade weapons and vehicles from the game and refrain from introducing and familiarizing young people to these concepts and to other abuses of power. People should be outraged at the push to militarize America's police forces! marine tells it better than I ever could! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Equc9A1pqQk
  • I certainly won't be buying this but if this game performs well(literally, not sales because we all know it's going to sell) than Dice needs to learn from Visceral. They can't blame EA when games like Titanfall and PvZ run just fine.
  • How about you scrap this entire game and go back to Patriots.
  • I think the class names should change based on whether you are playing as the cops or the robbers. Names that would be more appropriate. Since it isn't army vs. army like a traditional Battlefield game that class names aren't as easily interchangeable.

  • I'm going to hold off on this one. May just skip it. I played the Destiny Beta last night (it's awesome) and that combined with Evolve and Far Cry 4, well lets just say I am covered for FPS from September until who knows when. I can reconvene with DICE when Battlefront releases or when they figure out why people liked Bad Company 2 so much more than either BF3 or BF4.

  • The only thing I'd like to see a real cops and robbers mode between 24 players. The police shouldnt be trying to take the money, I want there to be 1 life, 1 objective and 1 return zone. Then I will think about picking up the game, because the beta was ok, but not worth 60 dollars.

  • I dunno, this all seems nice, but I'm not falling for stuff like this again. I'm cautiously optimistic, but I won't get this at launch.

  • Oh there listening now! i thought they were listening when BF4 start having problems and still is f-up but there listening now so EA is keeping the lines of communications open to fans ok listen up EA GO FU@K YOURSELF.....Communication received!!!

  • It would be cool to add an assignment or achievement called 'Police Brutality'. It would unlock when the opposite team end up pinning your entire team at your spawn because of poor map design.

  • I bought BF4 on good faith, won't be making that mistake ever again. Don't care what they do, as long as BF is with EA, I'll be steering clear.

  • yep i cant wait until they develop another Bad Company game cause im not purchasing this game its not battlefield. Don't underestimate battlefield fans cause Battlefield 3 was played for 3 years. how is this game in comparison to BF4?