Battlefield: Bad Company 2 can be viewed as an amazing sequel to Bad Company 1 if you're buying it for its multiplayer, but it can also be viewed as a horrible sequel if you don't have internet connection via your gaming console.

The amazing multiplayer experience is more than enough to make up for its horrible single-player campaign.

Campaign: Before I bought the game I knew the campaign would be more linear than Bad Company 1's, but I had no idea it would go to the point where it feels like a Call of Duty game (even Modern Warfare 2's campaign is less linear!). While Bad Company 1's single-player levels were in the form of large sandbox landscapes. I also noticed how much more serious the tone was. I enjoyed Bad Company 1 a lot because of its humorous tone for a military shooter, but Bad Company 2 does the complete opposite. One of the biggest dissapointments of the campaign was how drastically Haggard's personality had changed, I was actually thinking to myself "What happened to Haggard?!" Another failure was how much more difficult the game is, even on "Easy" difficulty you can die with a few hits. However, the biggest dissapointment I encountered in the campaign was the fact that the four original characters act as if the events of the first game didn't even happen and the story starts of like this also.

Multiplayer: First of, this is one of the best multiplayer games I have ever played. The points system has improved greatly over the first Bad Company. The environments are more varied this time; with artic, jungle, and desert terrain.

Other negative things about this game is the fact that when you're getting shot at your weapon tends to move to the bottom of the screen, which is seriously annoying. Also the new knifing animation sucks. It sometimes gets glitchy; when your knifing someone the animation plays out as if you actually knifed the person while in reality you missed.

In conclusion, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is great online shooter, but with a horrible and dissapointing single-player campaign.