Now with all do respect, I do have to say I was disappointed by this game. After playing the amazing bad company 1, and previous battlefields, this game really didn't quite match up.

i'll start with the campaign.

Now, the first thing I noticed right off the bat was how much more "serious" the tone was. Now I know its a military shooter, but it looked way to tense, and not what I expected from a battlefield game. I was however, awe struck by the graphics. They were amazing, even in comparison to crysis 2.

But what kicked me in the gut was, as opposed to the first BC, that the game was very linear, point a to point b.  There were times where you had some freedom, but it wasn't to often.

The voice acting seemed to have become less stunning. Even Haggard's words of geniusness seemed absent, which is one of the things I loved from the first bad company.

The action in BC2's campaign, however, was very tense and fun. However sometimes the AI will seem to become instantly braindead. There weren't too many glitches I can recall. There were times where I got stuck on objects when in vehicles every now and then, but nothing to serious.

The controls handled perfectly, as well vehicle controls and improved helicopter controls to add in even more fun.

Multiplayer: This, is what truly killed me. I have never rage quit on any game quite as hard  as I did with BC2.

Some of the ideas, such as destruction, seemed to have ruined the experience. Crate pounding has become far too easy, so rush was no fun, atleast for defenders. Either someone will try to bring the building down over the crate using tanks or mortars, or someone will C4 spam the hell out of it using the assault classes ammo spawning.

 Many people lone wolfed, or even went as far as killing a team-heli pilot in order to steal it, like wise with the UAV stations.

While some features also improved the gameplay, such as medics having defibrillators. Another improvement from the first game was reducing clip size as well making other vehicles essential to get other team mates to where they need to be (blackhawks :3)

But these were often shunned out by often large amounts of lag, and other issues.

Vietnam: vietnam was surprisingly good, and seemed more traditional to battlefield gameplay. It took some getting use to, being new weapons and all, but it turned out ok. Lag wasnt a huge issue, nor was crate pounding.

The environment looked fantastic, and other effects were great. Everything seemed at balance, and it was actually quite enjoyable.

I rest my case at 7.75. The game was a bummer, having a some what good campaign, but an entirely broken feeling multiplayer. But vietnam was the star of the show, and was really great fun with friends.